60% Grenache

trails end vineyard

Potter Valley, Mendocino

40% syrah

sundowner vineyard

bennett Valley, sonoma

Stainless Steel Fermentation

Inhibited Malolactic Fermentation

Neutral Barrel Aging on the lees 5 months

pH - 3.33

TA - 6.54 g/L

ALC - 12.3%

Brix @ Harvest - 21.1 (Grenache) / 20.1 (syrah)

Harvest Date - 9/17/2017 (Grenache) / 9/6/2017 (syrah)

Case Production - 105

Vinification Profile - Direct to press, whole cluster,  native yeast cold fermentation with aggressive stirring of the lees. Malolactic fermentation was inhibited. Once fermentation completed, both lots were racked off and aged on the lees separately in neutral barrels for 5 months. Bottled unfiltered. deep orange gold color with freshness and density on the palate

Aromatic Profile - pitted fruits, red citruses, Green Strawberries, and White Tea.


the hook -SOLD OUT!


100 % Carignan

cloverdale, Sonoma

Stainless Steel Fermentation

100% Malolactic Fermentation

pH - 3.27

TA - 6.5 g/L

ALC - 11.7%

Brix @ Harvest - 19.9

Harvest Date - 9/18/2017

Case Production - 52

Vinification Profile - Direct to press, whole cluster, native yeast cold fermentation in small stainless steel barrels. Fermentation was lengthy and underwent a full malolactic fermentation to balance out the naturally existing acidity. unFiltered and bottled after a more vigorous racking. sediment is present, straw yellow and faded orange color.

Aromatic Profile - Golden Delicious Apple, Meyer Lemon, Sweet Onion, Sage Blossoms


THE foreshadow


100% pinot gris (ramato)

saralee’s vineyard

russian river Valley, sonoma

9 day maceration on the skins

Fermentation in macro-bins

Neutral Barrel Aging on fine lees 7 months

pH - 3.5

TA - 6.2 g/L

ALC - 12.5%

Brix @ Harvest - 20.4

Harvest Date - 8/30/2017

Case Production - 55

Vinification Profile - Grapes put through a destemmer / crusher and collected grape must in macro bins. Shoveled 35% of stems back into bins. Macerated for 9 days with gentle pressdowns of the cap, no pump overs. completed fermentation on 8th day, went to crush on 9th. barreled in neutral for 7 months. racked several times to remove fine lees, Bottled unfiltered.

Aromatic Profile - hibiscus, rose petals, pickled rhubarb, cranberry, wild brush